The 3 Ingredients to Selling on Your Own

Selling your home is not a magical formula but is comprised of just a few key factors. Making your home look the most appealing, pricing your home correctly and waiting for the right buyer.

1. Make your home look appealing

If you want to attract the best buyers you will want to make your home look its best. That means de-clutter, touch up paint, and clean up the yard. Listing your home is like dating; you want your home to look its best so it attracts the most attention. But don’t spend all that time making it look good and skip capturing it with great pictures. That means hiring a photographer or asking your professional cousin to take photos of the home. The internet is your first chance to make an impression and can often be a deal maker or breaker before they even enter your home. Hiring a photographer isn’t that expensive and is well worth the money. It typically costs around $100-$200 for a standard photographer. Make your home look its best and the buyers will call.

2. Price your home well

This is so important! Every seller thinks they have the best home on the block. Try to be less subjective and look at other homes that have sold and are currently for sale in the area. Look at how your home compares and then nail down a price. Remember, the goal is to get your home sold. Sometimes that means listing your home for a little less than your neighbor just to attract those extra buyers. Pricing your home too high can leave your home sitting on the market for too long and becoming stale. Focus on the balance between getting the most for your home and getting it sold quickly by making a fair comparison to the homes around you.

3. Wait for the right buyer

Wait! Be patient! Too often sellers get worried when they do not see a flurry of buyers on the first day listed that they are overpriced or that they need to consult with an agent to bring those buyers. The fact about real estate is that homes sell themselves. If you are priced right and your home looks the best it can then buyers will come. If you are not seeing activity after a few weeks then you might want to reevaluate your price. However, sometimes homes take a few weeks or months to sell. If your home is listed online buyers will see it and buyers will come. Selling is a very nerve wracking experience but if you are confident your home is priced well and looks its best then you can be confident that buyers will call.

Sellers are smarter than they have ever been. With the robust and powerful online tools available sellers are finally able to represent themselves as well as a real estate agent can. We truly believe that. Good luck with your home sale!

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