Will Buyers Find You on Your Own?

Will Buyers Find You on Your Own?

3 tips to getting seen.

You have determined your home's price point, de-cluttered, and are ready to begin marketing to potential buyers. Where do you start? The good news is there are great options to market your home online. Thanks to the Internet, real estate agents and the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) no longer have complete control over the listing and marketing of homes. In fact, utilizing these online options will reach a larger audience than the MLS and cost you nothing!

Tip 1: Use the best tools

Let’s start with the best websites to market your home. Depending on your state, you have several options that are a great way to put your home out there for every buyer to see. The most commonly used sites for sellers and buyers are Zillow.com, Trulia.com, and Hotpads.com. Every buyer visits at least one of these sites, plus you will find others in your area that bring some extra eyes to your home.

Not only are these sites very popular they are also free to use.  Want in on a little secret? They are the same sites real estate agents use to market your home in addition to the MLS. In fact, many buyers ask their agents to show them homes they’ve found on these sites by themselves.

Still want the benefit of the MLS? There are services like snapflatfee.com or flatfeegroup.com that will list your home on the MLS for a flat fee. Go a step further and Google other great sites for your area. The point is there are great marketing tools out there that will give your home great exposure to attract buyers.

Tip 2: The MLS is great, but...

Since the beginning of time, the MLS has been the main source for agents to list your home and for agents to find you homes listed for sale. The MLS is still a great tool, but it is not the only tool. In fact, putting your home on the MLS alone limits your exposure to just the market that the MLS covers. For example, if you list your home in the Denver MLS, your home will not be seen by buyers in Colorado Springs or Fort Collins or any other area outside of Denver, unless the MLS or real estate agent uses third party websites such as Zillow and Trulia.

Tip 3: Buyers are doing the finding:

Remember what we said in Tip 1 about buyers finding homes? Buyers are obsessed with finding the right home. They’re constantly searching sites like Zillow to see the latest listings, instead of anxiously waiting for their agent, who might look twice a day. Agents are busy and have multiple clients, they will not be able to look at the market as often while buyers are looking all the time. The point is, buyers are more likely to see your home listed on sites like Zillow than they are the MLS.

Buyers are looking for your home right now.  Be sure they see it by utilizing all the tools that are available to you. Happy selling!



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