Put first things first. When selling your home the first thing is to get it ready for listing. Clean up, declutter, apply a fresh coat of paint, store extra furniture somewhere if you need to. And these concepts apply to both inside and outside your home. Do whatever you need to in order to be ready to list. And don't forget about great photos. Well lit, professionally taken photos can often sell a home even before a showing. Learn more about getting your home ready.

But the most important thing to accomplish during this step is finding the right price for your home. There are a number of resources to do so but the main point is to find comparable listings in your area. Our blog has some great information about pricing and doing some quick research on your favorite search engine will turn up some great information. The key to pricing right is staying objective and trying to remove personal attachment from the equation.

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Your listing is like the appetizers you put out before the main course. It can set the whole tone for the sale and make potential buyers want so much more. Use online tools like Zillow and Redfin to list your home. After you sign up for Vidulist we give you access to some tips for getting in front of potential buyers and pull them in. To attract as many buyers as possible we recommend advertising that you'll pay the buyer's agent fee which is typically 3%. This technique will get more buyers in your door which increases the likelihood of multiple offers.


As soon as you sign up for Vidulist as a seller you begin to create your disclosures. Disclosures are how you formally communicate any issues that the buyer may need to know about before they buy your home. It's a key part of the process and will help you discover any issues about your home you may have overlooked or ignored.

The disclosures process consists of a series of questions about your home and we use your answers to populate the appropriate contract to send to potential buyers. You can also choose one of our preferred title companies to work with. Once you accept a buyer's offer your disclosures are sent automatically if the buyer uses Vidulist. If they don't, no problem. We'll send them to whomever you'd like from your Vidulist dashboard. Be sure to be thorough in creating your disclosures. It'll save you time and effort later on in the process.


Your dashboard is where it all happens. See your offers, view counter offers, learn next steps and even start the buying process.

If your buyer is on Vidulist, we'll also email you anytime a buyer makes an offer or counter offer, amends the contract or wants to changes dates. You'll always know what's happening.


Though we provide many great tools for selling your home, there's no replacement for staying in touch with the buyer or buyer's agent. Buyers love sellers that communicate about what's happening. You may have several offers and though you don't need to tell all buyers about other offers, it is important to let them know if you'd like to change dates, negotiate any items they'd like to keep in the home, communicate information from your title company or know if any adjustments need to be made. At the very least, constant contact show's your level of interest in selling and that counts for a lot.


You're coming to the end! Once you've accepted a buyer's offer you'll go under contract which means both parties are now obligated to the deal. Your title company and the buyer's lender will be in continual contact by this point and will guide you through to the end. They'll answer a lot of the questions you might have, particularly if you decide to work with any of our preferred title companies which you will choose during the disclosure process. Don't forget that you're doing this without an agent so you have some room to negotiate on price if you're working directly with the seller or you can decide to pay the buyer's agent their fee in order to get more interested buyers.

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