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...In With the New

Since selling a home has been a thing, Real Estate agents have been a vital part of the process. From advising sellers on prepping their home for sale, to marketing, to contracts and negotiations, all the way to closing, they have helped their clients navigate the sometimes confusing process of buying and selling a home. In recent years the Internet has made advertising and marketing homes more automated. It has improved and streamlined the process of buying and selling a home for both agents and homeowners. Sellers have realized that advertising their home is something they can do on their own. There are many resources for seeing what’s on the market. Sellers can finally choose how their home is listed and there are online resources to advertise that property to prospective buyers. But then what? That’s where Vidulist steps in to fill the gaps.

Vidulist provides online tools that guide you, the seller or buyer, through the real estate process. You answer a few simple questions to navigate the contractual process of buying or selling your home. Vidulist keeps you informed about the sales process so that you're always aware of upcoming deadlines, what forms to use, when to use them, and what to do next. With this simple resource, the buyer and seller can walk themselves through the entire process to legally complete the sale.

Technology is enabling the public to help themselves whether it’s taxes, investing or now, thanks to Vidulist, Real Estate. Take control of your biggest investment and allow Vidulist to help you with your Real Estate sale from start to finish. You’ll keep thousands of dollars in your pocket while you confidently negotiate every aspect of buying or selling your next home.

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